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Decluttering is a big job, with few lasting results. We are all guilty of expecting a one off deep clean to become the start of a clear and clutter-free new lifestyle. However, it simply isn’t sustainable to remain completely clutter free without incorporating some new routines into your day because clutter can quickly accumulate - even in a clear environment. However, here’s a handy set of tips which can help you to reduce the clutter in your home.

1. Create Set Homes

As you tidy, ensure every item that you come across has a set home where it can always fit or be conveniently put away. By doing this, you will gradually begin to notice the items that you don’t use very often or there isn’t enough room for since these will continue to lie around. For the items there are space for, these are always ready to be put neatly away in their home! This is potentially the most important tip since you will never achieve a clutter free home by moving clutter around and not dealing with it properly.

2. Move To Digital

Often our homes are cluttered with sentimental photos drawn by relatives and letters we have vowed to keep safe. However, with the help of a scanner, all of this clutter could quickly disappear by storing it virtually instead! By saving a digital copy onto your devices, not only is there less chance of the copy going missing, but it also removes clutter and is far more sustainable.

3. Buy Less

We are all guilty of splashing the cash on newer versions of things we already have at home. However, clutter can quickly build up once you start to have two of everything! If you do find yourself in dire need of new furniture or clothes, it is worth considering these three handy tips:

1. One in, Two Out: Before purchasing something new and bringing it into your home, first get rid of two old pieces of clutter to make room.

2. Renovate: Instead of immediately replacing your old things, why not try and revive them? Most of our furniture is not actually destined for the bin or the attic when we invest in a newer version. In fact, often they are just calling out for a lick of paint or to be repurposed altogether! Not only is better for the environment, but it’s fantastic for your bank too! Pinterest is the best place to find inspiration for your future furniture renovations.

3. Keep Lists: As simple as it sounds, going out with a list when shopping is the best way to refrain from purchasing more clutter and keeping to the essentials. Once you’ve noticed that something really does need replacing, write it down. If you haven’t come across it before you go shopping, then it likely doesn’t need replacing at all.

4. Donation A DayDo They Pay For Some Of Your Waste?

This idea is a great way to both be charitable and reduce clutter in your home at the same time. The aim is to find something around your home each day that you either no longer use or need that can be donated to someone that would give it more attention.

Charities which frequently seek donations include The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Peace Hospice Care, Age UK and many more local charities near you! Alternatively, you can find a near home for your clutter within your community through Facebook Marketplace and selling pages. You may even be able to enlist the help of a domestic waste removal company to remove your waste and rehome it too.

5. Become An Outsider

Often we become attached to our clutter, despite it carrying little meaning and worth. Therefore, the best way to reduce clutter in your home is to become an outsider and imagine whether it is worth keeping as someone without that attachment.

If you were a visitor in your own home, what would you keep and what would you bin? This is the most effective way to lose attachments with your waste and begin to think more rationally about reducing clutter. Alternatively you could ask a friend or family member what they think is causing your clutter and start there. Once you have decided what waste you don’t need, consider hiring a domestic waste company to clear your unwanted items away.