Walking Groups

Don’t despair if you’re not the sporting type; there are numerous other ways one can remain physically active. The easiest method is by walking. Yes, walking! Walking has practically no entry barrier and zero learning curve, but is still capable of providing your body with muscle growth and cardiovascular workout.

Walking is an appealing exercise because it is suitable for all demographic groups. You can walk anywhere and everywhere, and because it’s a low-impact sport, there’s very little risk of injuries. All you need is a good pair of shoes and breathable attire.

To turn things up a notch, walk in groups. As many have discovered, the social dynamics of walking groups makes walking fun!

  • Benefits of Walking and Being in a Walking Group

    First off, a walking group gives you the opportunity to spend time with like-minded people. Sure, there are bound to be the odd ones out, but they will inevitably drop out in search of other more suitable activity.

    The social interaction and shared goals of walking groups generates numerous psychological and emotional benefits such as lower stress levels, reduced depressive symptoms, and increase in confidence and self-worth. In addition, social pressure will compel you to make this physical activity an indispensable part of your daily life.

    Aside from the social aspect, the physical workout from walking reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure and cholesterol build up. It allows you to manage your weight better, and reduces the chance of contracting obesity-related diseases like diabetes. Complemented by proper diet, walking also maintain and improve your muscle and bone density, and provide a barrier against arthritic ailments.

    Simply put, walking makes you stronger, happier and healthier. Why pay hundreds of dollars for membership at a gym you’ll probably stop visiting after a month when you can enjoy long-lasting health benefits of walking – for free?

  • How to Start Walking Groups

    So you want to join a walking group, but there are none in your area. Not a problem – start one on your own.

    Get a piece of cardboard and market, and write “Walking Group: Start’s here at 8 a.m. daily.” Stick the cardboard to a spot at a prominent landmark near a park. Next, post the same thing on your Facebook profile and at popular local fan pages (restaurants, supermarkets, etc.).

    Then, arrive 5-10 minutes early daily to the rendezvous point. At 8 a.m. sharp, start walking. Depending on the size of your community, you can have a full-fledged walking group in a matter of days or weeks! It’s that simple!

    Once you have a regular posse, spend some time discussing walking routes. Whenever possible, pick scenic routes with lots of vegetation. Try to avoid steep inclines and rugged trails – you want things to be light and easy.

    If the group becomes too big, break it into two or three groups, and chart new walking trails so things don’t get too overcrowded. As a bonus, groups can alternate between each trail to keep things fresh.

    It is not uncommon for members of walking groups to develop strong friendships – so you have another thing to look forward to!


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