eQuality Charter Mark


Introducing eQuality

This specialist charter-mark award scheme, working with mainstream relationship support services will assist services to reach out to and build the trust of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) communities and show their commitment to diversity and equality standards.


The Department for Education is funding this national pilot scheme through the Improving Outcomes for Children, Young People and Families Fund to:

  • Support mainstream relationship support services in reaching out to LGBT people
  • Celebrate inclusive and diverse services
  • Show funders and individuals which mainstream relationship support services are commitment to providing services which are accessible to all, including LGBT people.
  • Increase the confidence of LGBT people in accessing mainstream relationship support services
  • Attract positive feedback from LGBT people in relation to their experiences of accessing mainstream relationship support services.

Who is eQuality for?

There are two strands to this new scheme:

  1. Ensure mainstream relationship services are providing high quality services which meet the needs of LGBT couples.
  2. Increase the confidence of LGBT couples to access mainstream relationship support services.



 Tell us about your experiences of mainstream couple therapy services:

visit our eQuality blog or e-mail us.


Some mainstream relationship support services are employing specific measures to show LGBT people that their service welcomes them and will provide them with the same levels of quality as any other clients.  We want to celebrate these services.

Some maintream relationship services have said to us that they would like to do more to show potential LGBT clients that they can feel comfortable in accessing their service.  We want to help those services to attract more LGBT clients.

If you want to have an informal chat about the work that you do, and how you can work towards acheiving this prestigious charter-mark award, simply call 020 7715 0364 to speak with a member of the team, or e-mail us stating convenient times for us to call you back.

Get Involved!

To get involved in this exciting new scheme, and take your first step towards gaining our LGBT Charter Mark, e-mail us or call the eQuality Team for an informal chat on 020 7715 0364.