Bootcamps and Military Training

If sports and exercises no longer cut it, then it’s time to give recreational boot camps and military training centres a quick look. Modelled after army physical training programs, boot camps and military training offers the man on the street with a quick way to shed unwanted pounds or take fitness to a whole new level through high-intensity interval training. Unlike conventional workouts and training sessions, boot camps and military training sessions are conducted almost exclusively outdoors.

These sessions usually involve small groups of people who are on the same fitness level and have share almost similar physical goals. They are designed to supplement the heavy schedule with a competitive environment to further push participants. Owing to the nature of the concept, the peak period for boot camps and military training are during springs and summers.

Be prepared to be disappointed if you are expecting drill sergeants to lead workout sessions. Instead, qualified personal trainers design customised programs and lead the daily workouts. They take notes, chart the progress of participants, and mix things up when things gets a little too comfortable. Fitness apps are sometimes used to help in keeping track of performance and achievement levels.

The activities during the sessions differ wildly depending on the trainers and programs. However, workouts are usually designed around the participants own bodies and surrounding – with the exception of adventure or cross-country races.

Due to the intensity of the programs, boot camp participants will usually quickly develop bonds with one another. Not only does adversity make makes strange bedfellows, it also creates a supportive communal environment where participants cheer, push and motivate each other to reach a common goal.

For more delicate souls, military training and boot camps may sound just a mite too intimidating. But fear not, because there are companies which offer luxury boot camps at exotic locations like Ibiza. We’re not sure how to reconcile the idea of boot camps with luxury, but it apparently works.


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