RaRE Study Bulletins

August 2011 Bulletin - 04

The RaRE study is now interviewing people who fulfil the selection criteria summarised in the study's poster

Participants are being asked to give their informed consent to be interviewed after reading the participant information leaflet (provided before participation).  

The RaRE study gives those who have suffered from the health problems under study a valuable opportunity to help improve understanding of these problems, their prevention and treatment. 

You Can Help Save Lives With Just A Little Of Your Time


July 2011 Bulletin - 03

Pace is seeking LGBT people to participate in a major new research study  

The study called RaRE (Risk and Resilience Explored: Understanding health inequalities in sexual minorities) needs people who are:

•    Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender with a history of suicide attempt as a young person;
•    lesbian and bisexual women with a history of alcohol problems;
•    and gay and bisexual men with a history of body image disorder.  

The study aims to develop recommendations to help reduce these health inequalities.  

Participants will be interviewed in the strictest confidence.  If you are interested in participating by being interviewed please click here to learn more.

December 2010 Bulletin - 02

The Online stakeholders' survey was sent out linked to an Email on the 2nd and the 6th December to the following mental health and social care service providers in England:

  •     All NHS mental health trusts;
  •     LGBT voluntary sector organisations in England;
  •     A selection of non-LGBT specific mental health voluntary sector organisations including
  •     All Mind organisations in England.

The aims of the RaRE study's stakeholders' survey are:

  •     To ascertain what issues and concerns service providers would like the RaRE study to address regarding the health inequalities under study;
  •     To ensure research outputs, such as reports are directed to the most appropriate people;
  •     To enable tracking of changes in service user monitoring over time.

The deadline for completion of the survey is the 17th December.

A summary of the anonymised results will be posted on the project's Webpage by Christmas Eve.

Enquiries about this survey or the Pace study should be directed in the first instance to:

Flavio Silva, Project Research Administrator, Tel: 0207 715 0364  

October 2010 Bulletin - 01

An event to launch the RaRE study was held on Wednesday 15th September at PACE.

It was attended by the project's Advisory Group and local stakeholders from both the NHS and voluntary sector organisations.

John, a new member of the project's Advisory Group who attended the launch said: "It was a really exciting launch. What a project! A great and inspiring group of people; I look forward to being involved."

The next step for the project is a survey of stakeholders across England to ascertain what they would like to get from the study.