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G3, April 2011

Young People @ PACE


Last month, the government terminated all local council and NHS service contracts [at a time when] demand for services has never been greater…Eighteen-year-old Keifer Lewin-Nation says attending sessions at PACE has changed his life.

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Pink News, 24th March 2011


PACE Chief Executive, Tim Franks



A number of groups, including GMFA, Terrence Higgins Trust and PACE, were told last week that the NHS primary care trusts (PCTs) which help to fund their work would be slashing their budgets.



Tim Franks, the chief executive of PACE, said the news was another blow, as his organisation was told this month it would lose £92,000 of the £101,000 it usually receives for its LGBT youth groups.


"Cutting prevention work doesn't save money" - PACE CEO, Tim Franks

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The Observer, 20th February 2011

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Pride and prejudice for gay men - Gay men are four times more likely to suffer from depression than straight men.

"Homophobic bullying in schools in this country is still epidemic. It's absolutely rife. Most British schools are not safe places to be gay."

Gay men are four times more likely to suffer from depression than straight men. The reason? According to therapist Alan Downs, it's a toxic cocktail of anger and rejection, which he calls "velvet rage". Here, he discusses his controversial self-help manual - plus, starting right, we hear five very personal "coming out" stories

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BBC London 94.9, 13th February 2011

PACE Youth Worker Tim Eastwood talks with Jeni Barnett about issues affecting young people when they're coming out.

Out Magazine - 2nd October 2010
LGBT charities threatened

"With so few specialist LGBT services available, I fear the impact upon our community may well be disproportionate."

PACE Chief Executive - Tim Franks.

The newly-launched LGBT Say No! to Cuts campaign has been formed in alliance with the following charities; Broken Rainbow, The Consortium, Galop, Kairos in Soho, PACE, Stonewall Housing, and LVSC Voluntary Sector Forum Campaign. It is calling upon supporters to write to their council leaders, grants committee members and MP to point out the value of their services. Template letters and further details can be found at

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