Family Mediation



What is Family mediation?

Family Mediation can help people avoid the cost and misery of going through the courts to resolve disputes after a relationship has broken down.

 Who Is Family Mediation For?

The service is open to separating LGBT couples or families who are in dispute.

An example of family breakdown which is specific to LGBT people is where a lesbian couple are in dispute with a known donor father over custody of their children.

Other issues which mediation can help with include:

  • Contact and residence arrangements for children
  • Finance
  • Property
Can Heterosexual Family Members Come Along Too?

Yes. Heterosexual family members are welcome to attend. Mediation can help with things like the breakdown of a marriage where one of the couple has come out as gay, or grandparents who are having difficulties spending time with their grandchildren.

 Who Are The Family Mediators?

Most PACE mediators themselves will be openly LGBT with a wealth of skills and experience in family mediation and conflict resolution. They may have a legal or therapy background. As mediators, they are impartial and will seek to help both parties equally.

Do I Need Mediation Or Counselling?

If you're not sure which of our services best suits you, you can e-mail us or call for an informal chat with Jo Beecham.  We offer other forms of family support and therapy, so just call 020 7700 1323 and we will be able to discuss with you what might be most appropriate for you.

I Want To Come To Mediation, But My Partner/Family Member Wont Come.  What Should I Do?

If it is difficult getting the people who you need mediation with to come with you, there may be other ways we can support you.  You can call Jo Beecham on 020 7700 1323 or e-mail her to discuss your options.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

To make an appointment, you can e-mail Jo Beecham or call her on 020 7700 1323.

The Mediation service at PACE is supported by the Department for Education's Improving Outcomes for Children, Young People and Families Fund.