Do I need to bring my family/partner?
You can come alone, with your partner or your family. The only criterion is that you want to explore issues around families.

Will coming to PACE change my child's sexuality?
No. Coming to PACE provides an opportunity to explore issues around sexuality but will not change sexuality itself.

Who is the family service for?
Our family support service offers free counselling, support and advice to all family members whatever their age or sexuality. It is designed to help lesbian and gay parents, heterosexual or bisexual parents and lesbians and gay men who are either thinking of adopting a child or who have already done so. It also offers same sex couple counselling as well as groups for people who want to address their concerns about their relationship or family issues.

Do I have to have children to get family counselling?
No. You can be thinking of having or adopting children or someone who wants to address your concerns about relationships or family issues.