Counselling and Psychotherapy

Make an appointment by e-mail, or by calling 020 7700 1323.

At PACE, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and people who are exploring their sexual or gender identities, have access to a safe place to explore issues with a therapist in a supportive and non-judgemental way.



"PACE therapy sessions really helped me feel supported in thinking through my issues.  The therapist made me feel at ease when I was talking about really difficult stuff."


PACE counselling and psychotherapy services offer support to individuals who are LGBT, or who think they might be, and to people who are experiencing difficulty in coming to terms with their sexual or gender identity.  We also support heterosexual people who are dealing with an LGBT issue within their family or relationship.

We offer couples counselling to same-sex, trans, or mixed orientation couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship.

What can I expect from counselling & psychotherapy? 

Counselling and psychotherapy offer a safe, confidential space to talk openly and explore personal issues. These may include:

  • sexual or gender identity
  • coming to terms with our identities
  • relationships
  • coming out
  • Quitting smoking and e-cigarette advice
  • anxiety and depression
  • various other life issues

Through conversations with a therapist, you can discuss your issues, and look at ways to deal with and resolve them.

After contacting PACE you will be invited to an initial consultation with one of our therapists, where you can explore whether therapy is right for you and what we can offer.  This could include what you want from therapy, any questions you have about how it works, and information about appointments.


"Because of these sessions I feel much clearer about what my options are - that I don't have to deal with any of this on my own.  I'm no longer stuck in a rut, and able to cope."


What PACE can offer:

For more information about the specific counselling and psychotherapy services offered at PACE, follow the links below, or contact us.

How much does counselling and psychotherapy cost?

We have two services offering therapy at PACE:

1.  We run a low-cost counselling service for residents of City and Hackney boroughs, based on your annual income.  You will be able to discuss the fee with your counsellor in your initial meeting.

2.  We are also setting up a fee paying counselling and psychotherapy service, which will be open to residents from all London boroughs and beyond.  This is in response to ongoing demand from the LGBT community throughout London for counselling and therapy at PACE.  The only way we can provide this service is by making it fee paying.  The service will be fully up and running over the next few months.  Until then we are able to offer some short-term fee paying counselling for individuals and couples. 

For more details of both services contact Deryn Howard, or call her on 020 7700 1323.


All our counselling and psychotherapy is completely confidential. PACE has a confidentiality policy that your therapist will explain to you at your initial consultation.

Other agencies

If you need immediate phone support, you can contact :
London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard 020 7837 7324 (10am-11pm).

Or contact The Samaritans on tel: 08457 90 90 90
The Samaritans can also be emailed at:

You can support us to support others

If you have been helped by counselling or therapy at PACE, or would like to help us continue this important work, all donations, small or large, will help us to reach out to more LGBT people who would benefit from having someone to help them through difficult emotional times. Find out how you can help.