Working Pace offers a range of services in the spectrum of Personal and Professional Development

All of Working Paces Services are Free


An Introduction to WorkingPACE.

As with many of PACE's services, WorkingPACE takes a very holistic approach: 

Using the metaphor of an iceberg, coaching works with the unconscious parts of you that are not visible such as self-esteem and confidence, as well as the visible aspects of you, such as how you project yoourself in a personal or professional situation. 

Coaching gives you the opportunity to reach your full potential through a series of one-to-one coaching interactions, group workshops and events.



One to one Life and Career Coaching:

You will have 8 fortnightly appointments with your career coach who will assist you in setting your short term, medium term and long term goals.

A great way to work with a professional who will help you to examine and clarify your needs, values and beliefs and develop the goals that will help you grow - personally and professionally.

Through coaching, Pete will help you overcome the hurdles you meet along the way in a fair, mature and balanced way.

He will work with you to monitor and support your progress towards your goals and to stay motivated to reach them.

Personal and Professional Development Workshops:

A range of workshops based around your holistic development focusing on range of topics from positive psychology onto more practical focused career activities such as interview and c.v writing workshops.

Ideal for anyone interested in personal development and for those looking for support in navigating their career.

Personal and Professional Group for Professionals:

A unique meeting for those who are already working that would like to discuss and resolve any issues they may be facing personally or professionally.

The group will be chaired by a coach and will be results orientated.

Ideal for professionals who are looking to connect with other professionals for business and for pleasure.

Social Group:

A social group for PACE clients (past, present and future clients) to come and meet other people in a social environment for discussion, support and to find out more about  what PACE can offer.

Ideal for anyone who's interested in coming together to meet new friends and networks.


Online Psychometric Testing:

This will allow enable you to get a fuller understanding of your personality type, your preferred team role, and your management and leadership traits and potential.

Ideal for the Job seeker and for those who would like to understand themselves more, from a career and personality perspective.


To find out more, or to register for any of the above, please contact Pete, or call 020 7700 1323.


There are three strands to the employment project: you and your coach will create a tailor made plan for you specifically that may cover some or indeed all of the follow stages

Stage 1 Returning to Work

This is useful for those who are thinking of returning to work

As a rough guide you can access support and guidance around the following, with the aim of enabling you to identify and explore your personal and professional development from a foundation of one to one Life and Career Coaching.


  • One to one coaching
  • Career Exploration
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • CV and Covering Letter
  • Interview skills

Stage 2 Starting Work

This stage is beneficial for those that start work

Starting work can be a difficult process, Working Pace is able to offer you further support in this transitional phase by offering a networking group for professionals, further one to one business coaching support for those that want it, and the option of working with a mentor.

  • Networking group
  • Coaching for work
  • Mentoring

Stage 3 Successfully maintaining work

This stage is about making sure you keep your momentum and support

This stage can begin anything from 3 months onwards from when you start work, and is a natural continuation of support from stage 2. The networking group is retained, in addition a social support group can be accessed for those that want to socialise with other professionals. In addition there is also the option of have executive coaching offered too.

  • Networking Group
  • Social Group for Professionals
  • Executive Coaching

You can register for one to one coaching by contacting or

Tel: 020 7700 1323

Working Pace Workshops

You are welcome to join any of the workshops on any day.

It would be very useful if you could commit to the whole Personal and Professional Development Programme which is structured over 4 days. However if you have other commitments then you may want to attend on any one or more of the days below.

Personal and Professional Development Workshops

Day 1: Goal Setting Day

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology: an outline of what positive psychology is and how we can use it in our everyday lives.
  • Creating and setting Goals with a variety of tools

Day 2 Welfare and well-being: Mind, Body and Action Day

  • Financial Fitness
  • Tips from Positive Psychology on Optimum Well-being  
  • Health and Fitness Action Planning  

Day 3  Confidence and Success Day

  • Using a range of tools from positive psychology improve confidence, and success.
  • This will be an action packed day of exercises covering confidence, self esteem and success.

Day 4  Back to work Day

  • Writing a C.V
  • Covering letter
  • Interview Techniques
  • Creating a job search plan


You can register for any Working Pace Events and workshops in three ways:

1)    Register online using Meet Up

2)    Contact or

3)    Tel: 020 7700 1323